'Productive Gardens' is the Theme

'Productive Gardens' is the Theme

'Productive Gardens' is the Theme

The Radicepura Garden Festival in Sicily opens this Saturday (April 27th) and continues to October 27th.

The theme of the 2019 edition is 'Productive Gardens'. This event will combine art, culture and environmental protection as constitutive elements of an extraordinary territory.

This unique festival will create a 'habitat-to-be' garden, to experience at 360 degrees.

Original Plants from Piante Faro

Inside the park it will be possible to visit 14 gardens and 4 installations, in addition to the Mediterranean Diet Garden. The festival includes the most original plants cultivated by Piante Faro Nursery.

There are 800 species and over 5,000 varieties, thanks to the activity carried out for over 50 years by Venerando Faro at the helm of the company together with his sons Mario and Michele.

Unique Vision

There will be places where visitors can enter the universe of garden designers who, through their design installations, will transmit a unique vision of the Mediterranean experience. This not only in beauty, but also the union of different cultures, a way of life.

Botanical Excellence

The Sicilia is the ideal venue for this first biennial display of Mediterranean gardens at the foot of Mount Etna. Radicepura intends to enhance the' botanical excellence of the territory.

Here the climate, soil and water, provide ideal conditions allowing the vegetation to express themselves with more force than elsewhere.