Extend The Flowering Season!

Extend The Flowering Season!

Extend The Flowering Season!

Fairweather's Nursery were delighted to introduce three new Agapanthus at IPM Essen 2019, that were bred by de Wet Plant Breeders.

These offer real advantages for the consumer and will both enhance retail plant sales and extend the flowering season.

Agapanthus ‘Fireworks’ (MDB001)

This new evergreen selection has the following benefits: An Evergreen foliage which does not require cleaning in spring if kept frost free over winter (a great advantage for commercial growers). Large bicolor flowers with dark petioles which last for a long period- great for cutting!

Agapanthus ‘Fireworks’ (MDB001)

Award of Garden Merit

Longer flowering period than Twister and Enigma with some flower spikes produced through to autumn. It's compact habit- flower stems reach 60cm.

The Royal Horticultural Society(RHS) awarded ‘Fireworks’ an Award of Garden Merit(AGM) for its garden performance.

Agapanthus ‘Ever Sapphire’(andBin) and ‘Ever White’(Wp001)

These varieties were selected for producing flowers over a long season. This pair starts to flower in May with their main flowering period until end July, but they also continue into the autumn. Evergreen foliage and a compact habit with stems reaching 60cms.

Agapanthus ‘Ever Sapphire’(andBin) 

Flowerheads are rounded and enjoy full profile. ‘Ever White’ (pictured top right), has also received an Award of Garden Merit (AGM).