American Good Design Award

American Good Design Award

American Good Design Award

The Urbalive Worm Farm is a container designed for the domestic composting of kitchen waste using earthworms. Leading Czech Architect and Designer Professor Jiří Pelcl developed this for Czech based manufacturer Plastia.

Following the Red Dot award that the Urbalive Vermicomposter received in 2017, this product has now landed the Amercian Good Design Award for 2018.

Plastia at IPM Essen 2019

Designer's Oscars

The Red Dot award is presented by the German Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen and is often called the Designer’s Oscar. “Good Design, on the other hand, better reflects the North American environment, which differs from Europe’s.

When asked why he entered the Urbalive Vermicomposter into the Good Design Competition, he replied “ I wanted to see what the reaction in this environment would be. A record number of products from 47 countries around the world were entered for 2018.

Intensive Competition

This award, the oldest and one of the most globally recognised, has been presented since 1950. “We are overjoyed with this award. We managed to beat off some intense competition,” added Lenka Novotná, Executive and Design Manager at Plastia.

Their products will be on show at 'For Garden' in Prague from March 21-23.