Exotic Beauty with Garden Orchid

Exotic Beauty with Garden Orchid

Exotic Beauty with Garden Orchid

In Western Europe it is possible to plant some exotic-looking orchids successfully in the garden.

All these different orchids differ strongly and are a spectacular addition to the range of garden plants. With the easy and frost-resistant Garden Orchid (Orchid Garden) you can bring the tropics in your backyard. 

Calanthe Has Great Variety

Calanthe is an orchid, that faces the future with confidence. There is no Orchid with so much variety in colours and shades, that is also winter hardy and fragrant. Irresistible for a plant lover!

Wild Cypripedium

The wild Orchid Cypripedium calceolus, one of the most spectacular wild European orchids, can now also be planted in your backyard.

To maintain the population in the wild in Switzerland, a major action was launched last June in order to replant these wonderful plants in Swiss nature. The consumer therefore contributes to the Swiss biodiversity when buying a Cypripedium.

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