Lucky Berry® Provides New Concept

Lucky Berry® Provides New Concept

Lucky Berry® Provides New Concept

A long harvest, healthy characteristics and an effective marketing concept. The Lucky Berry® has been developed on the basis of a co-operation between the German tree nurseries Heinje und Christoph Marken, Son & Koot from the Netherlands, and Verdia from France.

Robust Addition to Fruit Plant Segment

The Lucky Berry® blueberry (Vaccinium) and strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) is being presented as a robust new addition to the fruit plant segment. In 2019, this new addition has already been awarded the Taspo Award in two categories. These are, 'Best Marketing Concept" and 'Best Product Presentation at the point of sale'.

Lucky Berry®  on Heinje Stand at IPM Essen

Four Month Harvest

The Lucky Berry® produces fruit for four months with a steady supply of new berries is provided from June to September. The first white flowers appear in May followed by the first strawberries a short time later.

Like the Lucky Berry® blueberries, the red fruits appeal with their healthy characteristics and boast more vitamin C than oranges or lemons. They also contain plenty of healthy minerals like calcium, iron and folic acid.