Exceptional 8th Edition for Green Burza!

Exceptional 8th Edition for Green Burza!

Exceptional 8th Edition for Green Burza!

The annual Green Burza Plant Fair held in Brno, Czech Republic, was an exceptional success. This took place yesterday (January 16th) and drew over 800 visitors to the best event yet in the series.

Since its conception in 2011, more and more companies from the green material sector have exhibited. This has provided the plant buyer with an additional range of nurseries to view and to source from.

47 Nursery Exhibitors

At the Brno Exhibition Centre, a total of 471 exhibitors met in the exhibition area of ​1500 m2. 31 to exhibit Czech plant material. Traditional partners of the Green Exchange were the magazine ZAHRADNICTVÍ.

Nursery Association Celebrates Centenary

The Nursery Association of the Czech Republic celebrated its centenary sicne the first joint Czech-Slovak Nursery Organisation. The weather was kind this year, meaning access to the event was without issue.

Three separate growers showed small fruits, whether on AGarden's RP2L sales tables or a comprehensive assortment of Canadian blueberries from the Konifery school in Jaughan, or the in-vitro brewed blueberries "Blaue Pearls "by Jan Holub.