Sleeping Beauty in the January Garden

Sleeping Beauty in the January Garden

Sleeping Beauty in the January Garden

When the whole garden is still sleeping, dogwood (Cornus), Viburnum and redvein enkianthus (Enkiathus) can create a good show in winter. Their attractive, sometimes coloured branches and eye-catching lines add a spark to the dark days of January.

Although these sleeping beauties appear to be resting, there’s lots going on inside these plants that manifests themselves faster than you might imagine. These are early bloomers that offer beauty during all four seasons.

Display tips for Sleeping Beauties

Dogwood, Viburnum and redvein enkianthus are attractive ornamental shrubs that can trigger customers’ enthusiasm for the garden, even in winter. For the plant retailer, display them against a calm background to show off their attractive lines of the branches, or use the available poster material as inspiration.

Placing the Sleeping Beauties in decorative planters brings more life to the display, as does adding a couple of bowls with winter pansies and early spring blooming flowers for some colour as a taster of the spring to come.

On-Going Initiative 

These are the chosen Garden plants for January as part of the on-going initiative by Flower Council Holland.