Horticulture Featured in Comprehensive Programme

Horticulture Featured in Comprehensive Programme

Horticulture Featured in Comprehensive Programme

The 2nd Pancyprian Agriculture Conference was held recently at the UCLan Cyprus University in Pyla, near Larnaca.

This included many issues relating directly to horticulture. One presentation focused on Irrigation and water saving practices in crop production.

Fresh Water Resources

Marios Vassiliou, Academic, Head of the Agribusiness and Agro-Business Program Institute of Professional Studies, UCLan Cyprus outlined the issues facing fresh water resources across the globe and in particular the critical problems facing Cyprus.

Trio of Options

Marios outlined the different profiles of surface, sprinkler, and drip irrigation systems. He also outlined water conservation in the field, field moisture content measurement and mulching. Water recycling and various types of hydroponics including aggregate and pure water hydroponics were featured in this detailed presentation.