'City of Flowers'

'City of Flowers'

'City of Flowers'

Guangzhou is the main flower production base and supply centre in China for potted ornamental plants. It is also the main distribution centre for imported flowers and has a wealth of its own flower varieties.

Urban Beautification

In recent years, Guangzhou has been adhering to the concept of “Green Hills and Clear Waters are Gold & Silver Mountains”. The Director of the Bureau of Forestry and Landscaping of Guangzhou Municipality has reaffirmed the concept that Guangzhou takes the lead in in the country in terms of urban beautification.

Charm of the City

Guangzhou vows to highlight the charm of flower city and to create the brand of being the 'City of Flowers'. This will be reflected at the China International and Floriculture Trade Fair (Flower Expo China) held from March 17 -19 in Guangzhou.

High-End Event

Each year, tens of thousands of visitors crowd into Flower Expo China for the purpose of purchasing high-quality products, as well as learning the latest market trend of China’s floral industry. Flower Expo China 2019 is bound to be a high-end event for the global floriculture & horticulture industry!