Trees at Risk!

Trees at Risk!

Trees at Risk!

With the onset of Winter we can expect worsening weather, with saturated ground and strong winds. The effect of this is the potential for the collapse of trees not adequately anchored.

Whether you have one tree or a whole forest to consider, soil compaction can lead to instability in the top 300-600mm of soil which contains most of the root system of many trees.

Tree Root Protection

The Geoweb Tree Root Protection System is supplied in the UK by Greenfix and is designed using their Bulk Density Calculations to ensure the best solution for each application. Bulk density reflects the soil’s ability to function as structural support, and allow adequate water, nutrient movement and soil aeration.

Porous Infill

Tree Root Protection systems must comply with the Arboricultural Method Statement as outlined in BS5837:2012, and Arboricutural Practice Note 12 (APN12.

Geoweb provides strength to the porous infill material and distributes loads laterally along its system reducing compaction. This has a major effect on the tree root area and controls hydrocarbon pollution.

Site Specific Solutions

Greenfix can provide site specific solutions for Tree Root Protection calculated by our engineers free of charge.

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