Christmas and New Year Rose!

Christmas and New Year Rose!

Christmas and New Year Rose!

The Infinity Rose is a rose for all year around! This rose is now a popular choice with the consumer within their Christmas decoration display and fits like snowballs!

Fits like Snowballs

This long lasting pot rose is ideal for indoor use. Its very big well filled flowers fit like snowballs to any Christmas decor.

In the past Roses Forever didn't sell pot roses in the winter but now their greenhouses are filled with Infinity in White, Rosa and Red. For celebrating New Year the Infinity hits the spot. At this time, it's White, Rosa and Pink.

Luxury Rose
Infinity Roses are luxury roses. It's success is due to the fact that it's not just a pot rose, it's a luxurious rose!  It has larger and very filled flowers with dark thick leaves for extra long life indoors. This makes the Infinity rose very attractive to the retailers.

'Queen of Infinity'
The Yellow ‘Jinfinity’ Rose is ideal for Easter and Springtime together with the new ‘Queen of Infinity'. Within this variety, Roses Forever also offer ‘King of Infinity’ which is very nice for both Christmas and Summertime. All Infinity roses are also very nice for the outdoors.

The White Rosa and Pink Infinity range are perfect for Mother’s Day and St. Valentine where more and more consumers want Pink, White and Rosa roses. Their size is comparable to normal pot roses. 

Highest Quality to Meet Demand

For all festivals and anniversaries, the consumer will always choose the best quality. Roses Forever produce the highest quality level of pot roses to satisfy this demand. Infinity is now available in seven lovely colours, including Infinity White.

For more information, please contact rose breeder Rosa Eskelund : [email protected]