Helleborus is Chosen for December

Helleborus is Chosen for December

Helleborus is Chosen for December

Helleborus flowers in the middle of winter, and it’s always spectacular - a plant that blooms, even when most garden plants are hibernating.

Helleborus (also known as the Christmas rose) treats you to large white flowers with a fantastic crown of stamens at their heart from November to March. The plant can cope with snow or frost: branches might droop a bit, but as soon as the temperatures climb again, Helleborus will straighten up.

Image reproduced by kind permission of Het Wilgenbroek.

Helleborus niger

Helleborus niger is most widely offered in December. This clump-forming, usually evergreen perennial is loved for its nodding clusters of bowl-shaped white flowers in winter and early spring. The dark foliage consists of multiple smaller leaves.

There are various cultivars, usually with white flowers such as the cultivars ‘Christmas Carol’, ‘Dafine’, ‘Shining Star’, and Jushua. 

Flower Council Initiative

Helleborus is the chosen Garden Plant for December.  The ‘Garden Plant of the Month’ is an initiative from the Flower Council of Holland.