The Story of Rhipsalis 

The Story of Rhipsalis 

The Story of Rhipsalis 

Rhipsalis is actually a cactus, but without the spikes. This houseplant is a fast grower that hangs down in long messy tendrils or grows upwards in a bushy form.

Dark green at the top, a bit wispy at the ends, the plant is also known as mistletoe cactus, and is virtually maintenance-free. Rhipsalis copes pretty well with inconsistent watering and is a richly branched beauty under ideal conditions. 

Available in Many Varieties

Rhipsalis is available in many varieties, from a compact tabletop plant with coral-like greenery (R. pilocarpa) or a messy green tangle (R. cassutha) to a hanging plant with long tendrils (R. baccifera). The leaves can be slightly twisting ribbons or a sort of green spaghetti. All the varieties are offered in sizes ranging from S to XL. 

Sales Tips for November

Select pots with a robust and natural appearance: ceramic with a bark pattern, wood or a dish with natural shades. November is a rather intimate, restrained month. The hanging forms of Rhipsalis particularly emphasise that sense of enclosure. 

On-Going Initiative

Rhipsalis has been chosen by Flower Council Holland as its Houseplant for November. This is an on-going initiative to promote the benefits of houseplants across the retail plant sector.