Houseplants of the Month for 2019

Houseplants of the Month for 2019

Houseplants of the Month for 2019

2019 is less than three months away. will again be putting a selected houseplant, or group of houseplants, in the spotlight during 2019.

Specially produced photography will also take into account of the style trends for 2019.

New Growth Platform : Interior

The images and the texts that they create for the consumer will also link up with the new growth platform: ‘Interior’, which we will use to persuade consumers to use plants to make their house a home.

They will also inspire the media with interesting facts and attractive image material that matches the consumer’s needs in 2019.

How are the Products selected?  

The list of plants has been produced in collaboration with the product specialists at Royal FloraHolland. The selection takes into account of a number of criteria: a product may only be promoted once every three years to ensure both good quality and availability.

There needs to be at least four growers producing the plant or group of plants, and the products must have good supply over a period of seven months.