Leading to a Greener World

Leading to a Greener World

Leading to a Greener World

Under the motto ‘Growing Together’, Plantarium and Groen-Direkt worked together this year. Both fairs took place in August under one roof in Boskoop.

To show how co-operation leads to a greener world, gardener ‘Willemstein Hoveniers’ was invited to create the welcome garden of the fair. Working together is what they proved to do best. Willemstein’s sustainable and colourful garden gave a face to the slogan “Let’s make the world greener together”.

Most Sustainable Gardener

In 2018, Willemstein Hoveniers has been awarded the most sustainable gardener of The Netherlands for the third time. Founder and owner Sjaak Willemstein works together with nature which leads to a living garden. 

Flowers flourish, the garden offers a great stay for insects, it attracts animals and for us it is a delightful place to stay in. In the design, landscaping and maintenance of a living garden, sustainable choices are made for the collection of rainwater, health of the soil and planting that are locally fit.

Perennial Plant Concept

Together with Leuverink Tuinen the colourful garden has been laid out with perennial plants from a specific ‘perennial plant concept’ of the plant supplier Griffioen Wassenaar.