IPPC Issues Final Call to Avoid Catastrophe!

IPPC Issues Final Call to Avoid Catastrophe!

IPPC Issues Final Call to Avoid Catastrophe!

Scientists have today (October 8th) laid down the gauntlet. It's the final call with regard to Climate Change.

The most extensive warning yet on the risks of rising global temperatures has been issued. Their striking report on keeping that rise to under 1.5 degrees C says the world is now completely off track, heading instead towards a rise of 3C.

Rapid & Far-Reaching

Keeping to the preferred target of 1.5C above pre-industrial levels will still mean "rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society".  It will be a hugely expensive exercise, but the window of opportunity remains open, just!

Following three years of research and a week of discussion between scientists and government officials in South Korea, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued this special report on the impact of global warming.

So Which Trees Should We Plant?  

This startling warning comes just 5 days after the subject was discussed at length during GrootGroenPlus in Zundert (above). Linking to the Green City programme and how, as an industry, can we address climate change?

A major aspect of this challenge is 'So who is advising the nursery trade as to which trees to plant in response to climate change?'