Green Innovation is the Theme!

Green Innovation is the Theme!

Green Innovation is the Theme!

The 69th edition of Flormart 2018 was held recently in Padua.

This included a rich mixture of Italian growers and others from around Europe.

More than 40 separate forums involving around 200 speakers were focused on the horticultural themes of horticulture, green architecture, landscape and innovation. Around 2,000 delegates attended these events.

Positive Feeling

Exhibitors were satisfied with the high quality of trade operators and visitors who came to the event from Italy and abroad.

There was a positive feeling from day one of the event, The intention for future editions is to study, share and discuss the themes of green and to provide commercial meeting places where these many market sectors can interface.

Green City Conference

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) held its 70th International Green City Conference during the Flormart event.

Next year AIPH will again be in Padua for the next edition of Flormart as the show is now included in the main event diary of this leading association.

Flormart Looks Ahead to 2019!

The organisers of Flormart are already planning for their 2019 event in September which will be their 70th Edition.