Best Professional Product Award 

Best Professional Product Award 

Best Professional Product Award 

The Skelly Tray from Plantopia won the Award for the Best Professional Product at Four Oaks this month.

The design that allows any “bio-pot” to breathe and maintain air and water porosity around the plant roots was praised by the judges who described it as, “ A brilliant solution which allows bio-pots to be used with automatic filling machines as well as breathing and being transported safely.”

Great Interest from Professional Growers

Each Skelly Tray holds 12 x 8·5cm pots with 6 trays per Danish Trolley shelf.

After the show Chris Haley, joint MD with his wife Kim said, “ We chose Four Oaks to launch the Skelly Tray as we were confident it would create great interest from the professional growers as it ticks so many boxes. It is fully re-usable and recyclable, with no.5 Kitemark.”

Environmental Responsibility

Chris concluded, “We feel the horticulture industry has a responsibility to the environment by reducing the use of single use plastic pots.“

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