Water Management Solutions

Water Management Solutions

Water Management Solutions

Whilst Europe basks under record temperatures, the aspect of water management techniques are under intense scrutiny.

For nurseries and growers across this continent, the issues are acute. In the U.K., hosepipe bans are imminent for the consumer and how to save water is a major challenge for the horticultural trade.

In respect of plants and trees that have already been potted, a solution to this issue can be provided at source. The FrizDisc weed suppression mat is a foamed plate which also provides a very efficient method of irrigation.

30% Saving on Water

The FrizDisc prevents evaporation from the surface of the pot and can reduce watering volumes by 30%. In a recent example, a leading nursery who had previously lost plants through poor irrigation techniques, used this product during a specific growing period and reported a high % success rate.

Maintaining Root System

The application of FrizDisc whilst potting also ensures that the root system is not distorted. This is key to the success levels which can be achieved. This product also enhances plant stability, improves thermal insulation and provides shading.