Devil’s Ivy is the Choice for August

Devil’s Ivy is the Choice for August

Devil’s Ivy is the Choice for August

Hanging, climbing - Devil’s Ivy, also known as Scindapsus, can grow in all directions. This houseplant stands out thanks to its heart-shaped satiny leaves with silver, pale green, yellow or whitish spots, or a flame pattern.

Pale Green or Yellow Patterns

The Devil’s Ivy range is fairly limited. The best-known form has green leaves with pale green or yellow patterns. ‘Argyraeus’ has small grey spots, ‘Trebie’ has coarser leaves and have more grey marbling. The ‘Silvery Ann’ cultivar has more soft grey in the leaves. 

Sales and Display tips for Devil’s Ivy  

Emphasise Devil’s Ivy’s versatility by displaying both hanging and climbing plants. A couple of hanging specimens side by side soon create the illusion of a green curtain or room divider.

Replacing the moss pole of the climbing specimens with a more natural looking branch makes the plant trendy and creates a particularly exciting silhouette. Devil’s Ivy is also one of the few houseplants where the tendrils can also be displayed lying down. 

On-Going Initiative

This 'Houseplant of the Month' is part of an on-going initiative from the Flower Council of Holland.