2nd Open Russia Greenhouse Debate

2nd Open Russia Greenhouse Debate

2nd Open Russia Greenhouse Debate

The 2nd Open Russia Greenhouse Debate and Networking Evening 2018 was held last month in Amsterdam. This brought together 100+ companies from all over the world who are interested in working in Russian greenhouse industry.

The list of participants included the world leading companies such as Signify, Prins Group, Van Der Valk, Rufepa, BG Global, Barre, Novarbo, Mayer, Novavert, AGC, Cultilene, NGS, Toumaco Services, Pellikaan and many others.

Motion of the Debate

The motion for debate was that the Russian greenhouse industry will keep developing beyond 2020.

For the proposition, Petr Korzon described the opportunities for receiving support from the Russian government for facilitating the development of greenhouse projects. Petr encouraged International companies to localize the production in Russia to obtain residental status and state support. 

Risks & Prospects

For the opposition, Irina Birman discussed the risks and prospects of the Russian horticulture market beyond 2020. These include lack of financing and professional knowledge, as well as logistical challenges. Summing up the presentation, Irina pointed out that even though certain market risks exist, there are tools to overcome them.

At the end of the debate, the audience had an opportunity to ask the speakers questions regarding the state support of Russian hortibusiness, guarantees the Russian government provides for foreign investors, localization of business in Russia and many others.

Voting Results

Before and after the debate the participants were asked to agree or disagree with the motion “Russian greenhouse industry will keep developing beyond 2020.” And the results are as follows:  Pre-debate: 94% - agree, 6% - disagree Post-debate: 96% - agree, 4% - disagree.

What's Next?

You are cordially invited to join 500+ CEOs and top decision-makers of the Russian and CIS greenhouse industry at the 3rd International Investment Forum and Exhibition “Greenhouse Complexes Russia 2018” (5-6 December 2018, Moscow).