Succulents are the Choice for July

Succulents are the Choice for July

Succulents are the Choice for July

These plants are highly decorative, eye-catching and extremely easy to care for: there’s a lot to be said for succulents such as Echeveria, Crassula, Kalanchoe, Aeonium, Aloe, Haworthia and Rhipsalis.

Coping with Dry Periods

They’re all succulents, which means that they are able to store water in their roots, stems and thick leaves. This enables them to effortlessly cope with dry periods, so an ideal choice for when you go on holiday!

Succulents are particular popular because of their unusual, sometimes freakish shapes. They fit perfectly with the current trend to give botanicals a role in shaping the style in interiors. 

Decorative Foliage Plants

The range of succulents consists primarily of decorative foliage plants, although it also includes flowering specimens such as Kalanchoe. The plants particularly stand out with their unique shapes.

Sales and Display tips for Succulents 

Preferably display these succulents mixed and together to give them a greater impact. Stones, sand, some palms and a couple of toy dinosaurs can create an adventurous setting for succulents that reinforces their Jurassic Park element.

If your target group is slightly more conservative, a Mediterranean patio mood with terracotta bowls, Portuguese tiles and a couple of sizeable agaves will boost sales. 

On-Going Initiative

The 'Houseplant of the Month' is an on-going initiative from the Flower Council of Holland to help consumers discover that you feel better with plants around you!