'Wonderwall' to show at National Plant Show

'Wonderwall' to show at National Plant Show

'Wonderwall' to show at National Plant Show

'Wonderwall' from USP Creations will be exhibiting at the HTA National Plant Show later this month (June 19-20). Their vertical planting system won 'Best New Product Showcase' at the 2017 HTA Nursery Supply Show which runs alongside the Plant Show.

Best Room in your Home

The 'Wonderwall' will make your garden the best room in your home. This is a high tech self-irrigating planter which can be used to create many stunning displays. This 'Wonderwall' planter transforms all kinds of wall or spaces to create a vertical living garden.

Creating a Living Wall made simple!

Ideal for commercial or domestic use, the 'Wonderwall' planters make an impressive impact and which allows any dull space to come alive! You can create any type of display from a window box to covering a full side of high rise building. The process for building a 'Wonderwall' couldn’t be simpler.

The combined HTA event is a major show in the U.K. Plant calendar.