Potted Chrysanthemum is Houseplant of the Month

Potted Chrysanthemum is Houseplant of the Month

Potted Chrysanthemum is the Houseplant of the Month

The chrysanthemum is widely known as a cut flower, but it is also an amazing houseplant. It is the chosen Houseplant for June as part of this on-going initiative from the Flower Council of Holland.

It has with a bushy structure, beautiful green leaves and fabulous flowers in all sorts of colours and shapes. It’s also an easy plant that remains radiantly upright even in higher temperatures.

Wide Range of Potted Chrysanthemum

The range of potted chrysanthemum are exceptionally wide and very diverse in shape and colour. They are usually sold by colour or in mixed trays. 

There are potted chrysanthemum with multiple flowers per stem (spray) and with one flower per stem, known as disbudded chrysanthemums or deco chrysanthemums. In terms of flower shape, there is a choice of single, spoon, anemone, spider, decorative and pompon. 

Sales and Display Tips

The potted chrysanthemum has cheerful colours which are very suitable for display in eye-catching colour blocks or stripes. They also work well as colour clusters amongst green plants. Use brightly coloured bowls and summery accessories in order to reduce the association with autumn.