Defining the 2019 Assortment

Defining the 2019 Assortment

Defining the 2019 Assortment

FlowerTrials is the key event at which to choose next season’s pot and bedding assortment.

From Petunia through Phalaenopsis to Pelargonium and Primula, the latest breeding achievements in major crops as well as niche products are presented at the 32 locations. FlowerTrials can also be the moment to share business and promotional plans for next season.

Where Plants Meet People

Gill Corless, Chairwoman of the FlowerTrials Foundation says: “Growers, exporters and retailers can certainly make the most of this event by visiting the FlowerTrials together. A grower will examine the production process, an exporter the logistics and retailers know about consumer choice at point of sale".

"We want to promote this co-operation! After all, our motto is ’where plants meet people’ and having all the relevant people and plants together makes planning for the following season much easier and faster.”

Photo Credit: ©Marieke Boon Fotografie

Social Media Channels

The FlowerTrials website is a huge source of information when researching new varieties to update the assortment. Also our social media channels are increasingly popular with visitors when preparing which of the FlowerTrials locations to visit” states Norman Cools, PR & ICT Manager VWS FlowerBulbs and in charge of the FlowerTrials social media.

The Flower Trials will open from 12th - 15th June across Holland and Germany.