New Resource available for biofungicide users

New Resource available for biofungicide users

New Resource available for Biofungicide users

With warming temperatures and rising humidity, growers wanting to reduce pesticide applications on their crops are being advised that now could be the optimum timing for a biofungicide treatment in a range of horticultural crops.

Martin Donnelly, ICL Sales Development Manager, explains that damaging disease pathogens are thriving in these conditions as will the biofungicide treatment, Prestop. Growers are therefore being encouraged to apply the product preventatively as part of an integrated disease management strategy.

Prestop Grower Guide

“The use of biofungicides is not yet common practice, but as more growers consider their use, there’s a keen interest in learning more. For this reason, ICL has developed a new Prestop grower guide to aid in effective product use,” he says.

“The guide is a one-stop-shop to take out the guess work in application. It’s much simpler than previous literature, but it’s still important to use it in conjunction with the product label and MSDS sheet, to ensure safe and effective usage.

To download a copy of the guide please visit or contact 01473 237111 or email :