Financial Incentive for Spring Fairs 2019

Financial Incentive for Spring Fairs 2019

Financial Incentive for Spring Fairs 2019

The positive vibe relating to the four Dutch Plant fairs held in January has led Stichting European Plant Support (EPS) to contribute financially to the PR efforts of a new co-operation.

In January 2018, the sales fairs Groenbeurs Haaren, Groenbeurs Brabant Sint-Oedenrode, TreeVention Venlo, and the trade fair GrootGroenPlus Zundert worked together for the first time on PR. Together, they offered (inter) national purchasers the opportunity to secure a full assortment in just six days.


One of the most important advantages of the sales fairs is the approachability. The fairs are also hosted at favourable times where there is enough time to talk to visitors and promote the region. The Spring fairs mainly focus on purchasing and sales, while the GrootGroenPlus fair in the fall is larger, and focuses more on maintaining relationships.

Fairs held at own locations

In 2019, the fairs will be held at their own locations, on Wednesday and Thursday in the week prior to IPM Essen, on 16th and 17th January. Only TreeVention will be an exception to this rule. Traditionally, TreeVention is hosted on Sunday and Monday, on 20th and 21st January.

Large reach at low cost

By continuing the co-operation, 2019 will be another year in which purchasers get the opportunity to buy everything they want in the south of the Netherlands, in less than a week. It will give exhibitors the advantage of a large reach at low cost, while purchasers can work more effectively. They only have to travel to region once and get all their purchasing done in one go.