Wonderful Show of Flowers and Plants

Wonderful Show of Flowers and Plants

Wonderful Show of Flowers and Plants

The Puglia region in Southern Italy enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate. Caporal Plant are based here and this unique landscape and warm sunshine ensures a successful springtime growing season.

Comprehensive Catalogue

Their professional and comprehensive catalogue includes the full range of plants grown in their region. These include Abelia Grandiflora, Bourgainvillias (below), Dipladenia sundaville, Hibiscus Rosa sinensis and Vibernum Tinus which outlines the vast range of material available for both the landscape and retail sectors.

Special e-book for 'Mother's Day'

CaporalPlant never stop learning from their growing experience and continue to ensure that their choices are translated into the highest quality plant material. This nursery wants people to understand 'The Beauty of Nature'.

From this, comes the idea for a gift for “Mother’s Day”. “Care like a Mother” is your special e-book that keeps on giving whenever you need. You can download it for free and keep it on your smartphone, share with friends and let children care for your plants. #thebeautyofnature