Zen plants are the Chosen Houseplants for May

Zen plants are the Chosen Houseplants for May

Zen plants are the Chosen Houseplants for May

The Flower Council Holland have chosen Zen Plants as their Houseplants for May.

Bonsai, Ficus Ginseng and Dracaena lucky bamboo all have powerful shapes, natural strength and a stylised appearance. All three fit well with the growing interest in bringing more calm and meaning to our lives.

They are also perfect feature plants in the minimalist interior trend which is still very popular. Zen plants are easy to look after, attractive to look at and blessed with a serene look that really impacts on their surroundings. 

Zen Range

Bonsai in Japanese literally means ‘ tree in pot'. Woody plants are transformed into miniature trees by pruning and trimming whereby the appearance is determined by the plant’s essence.

Ficus ginseng is cultivated in southern China and Malaysia. A small-leafed Ficus microcarpa is grafted onto the distinctive trunk, which is then pruned into a bonsai shape. It can be narrow and tall or broad and low, depending on the pruning.

Dracaena lucky bamboo is an eye-catching feature plant, and is available with straight and twisted branches, woven, as a mini bamboo forest or as a solo statement plant.

Sales and Display tips for Zen plants 

Displaying Zen plants in an attractive and appropriate way can considerably boost turnover. Think of a water feature, oriental statues, LED candles with a moving flame, or an example of a plant altar as inspiration.

Give the plants a bit of room against a plain pale background so that the unusual shapes stand out particularly well. Choose shiny black ceramic or rustic brown with glaze as the base to keep things calm and pure.  

This is an on-going initiative from the Flower Council of Holland.