New Plants Holland present Vibernum Range

New Plants Holland present Vibernum Range

New Plants Holland present Viburnum Range

Three varieties from their Vibernum range are presented this month by New Plants Holland.

Viburnum tinus Lisarose 'Loren' (pbr)

A compact and evergreen, winter-hardy shrub. The buds appear on the plants as early as August. These dark pink buds bloom as small white flowers from October until late April.

The dark-pink buds protrude above the foliage. The beautiful pink colour is only really clearly visible if there has been a very cold period.

Other varieties in their assortment are:

Viburnum plicatum Kilimandjaro® (pbr) 'JWW-1'

Viburnum plicatum Kilimandjaro® grows like a pyramid that looks like the snow covered Kilimandjaro when it flowers with its white lacecap flowers. All four seasons long, Kilimandjaro® is a special appearance. It first flowers in May with large white lacecaps. After a growth period, Kilimandjaro® will flower again late summer with bright white flowers.

Between the two flowering seasons, the flowers turn into red berries that slowly colour black. Last but not least, Kilimandjaro® has a beautiful autumn colouration with warm red and yellow tones.

Viburnum plicatum Kilimandjaro® Sunrise (pbr) 'JWW5'

Pink flowers and berries - Viburnum plicatum Kilimandjaro® Sunrise (above) grows slightly slower than Klilimandjaro®, has pinkish flowers and a lush amount of berries. Its leaves are also slightly smaller and darker.

With its flowers and berries, Kilimandjaro® Sunrise is a year round attraction in the garden. These species are perfectly suited as a patio plant, but can also be used as a solitary plant in the garden.

The Viburnum plicatum Kilimandjaro Sunrise won the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year award in 2015.