Plant Trends Bloom Across the Industry

Plant Trends Bloom Across the Industry

Plant Trends Bloom Across the Industry

Plants, seeds and bulbs are the bread and butter of any garden retail offering.

Appealing to consumers across all demographics, they are the lifeblood of any domestic garden, whether it be vegetables, herbs, shrubs or flowers. We are changing not only what we garden, but how we garden. Glee 2018 explores the latest plant trends.

Year-on-Year Growth
The garden industry is currently worth an estimated £5 billion with £1,424 billion of that being made up of garden plant sales. Broken down by category, £606 million comes from bedding plants, £354 million from the sales of seeds and bulbs and £464 million made up of other garden plants and trees*.

This sector continues to grow year-on-year with bedding plants sales up by 3%, seeds and bulbs seeing an increase of 4%, whilst hardy plants sales rose by 9% in 2017.

Christmas Trees from H S Hommers.

Key Staple in the UK Garden

Plants are a key staple in the UK garden with 79% all garden owners having flowers and plants in their outdoor space. With the average garden size in the UK being 15m² for those over 45 years of age and 12m² aged under 45, it is clear that plant sales are here to stay as consumers look to keep their gardens blooming and colourful.

So, what can retailers expect from the plant trends set to dominate 2018?

Ultra Violet is 'Colour of the Year'

The use of on trend colours are a useful tool when looking to inspire customers and new gardeners. With many taking inspiration from interiors and transferring the look to their outdoor space, plants that are trendy can be as relevant as ever to a growing audience.

This year, Pantone have announced their Colour of the Year as Ultra Violet. With a striking palette of enigmatic purples, it’s bound to a big trend in planting in 2018.

*HTA Garden Retail Market Analysis 2017