Make Container Planting Quick and Easy!

Make Container Planting Quick and Easy!

Make Container Planting Quick and Easy!

The market for pre-planted patio baskets and containers is growing fast. However, when the bedding season is in full swing and nursery space is at a premium, producing high impact colour planters simply becomes almost impractical.

The Speedplanter offers busy Grower-Retailers a great solution to produce a fast-turn premium colour planter in just 2 to 3 weeks, saving you time and space when you really need it most!

How? It's Quick and Easy... 

A special 30cm wide net pot pre-planted in a range of popular colour themes is placed on top of a patio container or basket simply filled with compost. Just add water and within a few weeks the net pot has rooted through for a highly colourful retail ready planter.

Its Key Features are:

*9 colour themes to choose from

*Basket and container options

*7 plants included in each Speedplanter

*Suits production of baskets and containers 30cm or wider

*Supplied as a trolley of 70 planters 

* Available from week 16-22

.....but hurry, Speedplanters are selling fast, good availability currently for delivery weeks 17-22!

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