Hello Spring, Hello Garden!

Hello Spring, Hello Garden!

Hello Spring, Hello Garden!

With the weather finally changing in the Netherlands, the Hello Garden perennials of Griffioen Wassenaar are replaceing their way to the customers once again. As soon as the sun shines, the garden centres are overrun by customers.

Quick Results from Easy Planting

The gardens are still very bare, which is good for the Hello Garden perennials. The customers want quick results with easy planting and easy care which these perennials provide.

The well known square 1.4 litre blue pots have a large content and the well developed roots which ensure the plant develops quickly and shows a good result in the first flowering season. The Hello Garden plants also deliver in the long term which results in a happy customer!


Griffioen Wassenaar is a family business run by Bert Griffioen, the third generation. The company now has two locations that work independently from one another, but make use of each others strengths.

The GreentoColour®concept has been developed some 15 years ago by Griffioen wanting to bring back perennial plants to public spaces. The Hello Garden concept is directed entirely at the garden centre market and the nursery is located in Boskoop.

20% Growth in Turnover

Last year the growth of both divisions was approx. 20% in turnover. There is a continuous stream of orders throughout the year. The focus of Hello Garden is during the spring, but GreentoColour® runs right through the autumn and beginning of winter.

Based on previous experiences Hello Garden can count on a rise of promised shelf space in 2018 at garden centres in Holland and abroad! Investment in the Hello Garden division has enabled orders to be handled more quickly than before.

All these things give this grower great confidence in the future and is important in their long term relationship with customers.

Need more information about Hello Garden?

Read their brochure ‘Hello Garden, selling perennials at garden centres’

link: https://www.griffioenwassenaar.nl/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Hello-Garden-brochure-2018_EN.pdf

Or send an email to: info@griffioenwassenaar.nl