‘Hedges, Edges and everything in-between!’

‘Hedges, Edges and everything in-between!’

‘Hedges, Edges and everything in-between!’

The recently held Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show provided a showcase for the versatility and popularity of the Fairy Magnolias® series from Tesselaar Plants.

This series of Michelia hybrids (now part of the Magnolia family) bred by renowned Magnolia breeder Mark Jury (with 3 colours in the range) can be grown as a flowering hedge and is now being used extensively in residential gardens and commercial landscapes for that fragrant, flowering, evergreen application.

Ideas & Planting Combinations

The Anthony Tesselaar Plants Media stand at MIFGS showcased these plants in that form accompanied with a living hedges banner to demonstrate to consumers ideas and planting combinations that are achievable and fit just about any garden.

Commenting on the show, Phillip Townshend said “The popularity of the message ‘Hedges, Edges and everything in between’ seems to fit perfectly with the demands of today’s gardener and resonated well with the consumer audience attending the show.”

91,000 Visitors

MIFGS 2018 provided great weather, plenty of innovative stands and presentations and over 91,000 visitors.



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