FlowerTrials® gathers 60 Breeders

FlowerTrials® gathers 60 Breeders

FlowerTrials® gathers 60 Breeders!

You should block week 24 in your calendar now! From 12 to 15 June, no less than 60 breeding companies in the Westland (NL), Aalsmeer (NL) and Rheinland Westfalen (DE) areas will open their doors.

They will show their latest assortment in pot and bedding plants to growers, exporters and buyers from across the world.

New Danish and Italian members

Three new participants will join the FlowerTrials® Organisation in 2018. Gruppo Padana breeds and supplies starting material for growers. The Italian company specialises in the production of young plants from seed and cuttings of a wide range of ornamental pot and bedding plants as well as vegetable plants.

Hybrid Pot Roses

Founded by the Eskelund family, the Danish Roses Forever breeds hybrid pot roses. The focus of their breeding program, besides production suitability, is on the novelty value, colour, scent, size of the flower, appearance and usability for different series and pot sizes.

Cut Flower Kalanchoe

The Westland region also welcomes a new exhibitor. Queen® Genetics is a Danish breeding company internationally known for its extensive range of ethylene tolerant pot and cut flower Kalanchoe.

Registrations are Open

Visitors can pre-register on the FlowerTrials website: