Technology Square set for Plantarium 2018

Technology Square set for Plantarium 2018

Technology Square set for Plantarium 2018

In August 2018, Plantarium will take place at a new location under one roof with Groen-Direkt.

This new location also means a new layout for the trade fair. As well as the green participants, suppliers will also be given more space to present and demonstrate their innovations. The technology participants will all be in one place on Plantarium's new exhibition grounds. This will result in one large technology square.

Demonstrations at Hebe Centre

Demonstrations will take place at the next-door company of Hebe Center Holland BV. Charles Stoopman, Managing Director of Hebe Center, is happy to host this: “We have our regular suppliers but other suppliers are more than welcome”. The demonstrations will take place at three set times during the day and will be led by Delphy.

Book Your Slot!

The pitches and demonstrations are reserved for Plantarium's exhibitors. Companies that wish to take part in the pitches and/or demonstrations can contact Wil Boumans via

Registration is open and are being attended to in order of receipt, depending on availability. Further information and participation forms can be found on the website. 

Plantarium 2018 will be held from 22 to 24 August 2018 at Denemarkenlaan 9, which can be reached via the familiar car park at the Greenpark Boskoop.