Wildflowers: Biodiversity and Cost Savings

Wildflowers: Biodiversity and Cost Savings

Wildflowers: Biodiversity and Cost Savings

Many studies show the dramatic decline in biodiversity in the urban environment. Sowing wildflowers is an effective way to reverse this trend.

Wildflower seeds can be ordered now as from April onwards it is time to sow. Within a few weeks, the first flowering will be visible.

Striking Locations

Wildflowers are commonly sown on (temporarily) fallow ground. Self-seeding and perennial mixtures open the possibility for many other applications, including parks, roundabouts and roadside green. Colourful flowering mixtures with large flowers are particularly suitable for striking locations.

Wildflowers grow best on nutrient-poor, extensively managed soils. This automatically requires low levels of maintenance and therefore lower costs.

Up to 40 varieties per mixture

The Dutch company Flower Your Place supplies six different wildflower mixtureswhich are are specially designed for use in public spaces. These are sold exclusively to municipalities and specialist companies. The mixtures contain 30 to 40 plant species each.

Sales Across Europe

Each mixture has specific characteristics, such as a specific height and flowering time. Flower Your Place delivers the seeds in packaging units from 100 grams to 1 kilo, which makes the investment is about 50 Euro cents per square metre. Their mixtures are already sold in Germany, Middle-Eastern Europe, Ireland and now in the U.K.

Municipalities wishing to further explore the wider use of wildflowers can contact the Flower Your Place product specialists.