Smart Solutions for Sustainable Horticulture

Smart Solutions for Sustainable Horticulture

Smart Solutions for Sustainable Horticulture

In both the agricultural and horticultural sectors, the demands for sustainable production are rising.

Israel based Frizweed have developed some very smart solutions to address this demand across the global plant sector.

Meeting the Challenge

The industry is looking to prevent weeds from growing by eliminating light whilst still supplying sufficient air and water to the plant.

FrizDisc Foamed Plates

FrizDisc is a product group of specially designed fomed plates (patent pending) ansd comes in the form of a flexible adjustable inert foamed disc. This is produced from a variety of recycled materials with various benefits.

They can be manufactured in any shape, thickness and colour. Different materials can be incorporated in the manufacturing process (against ants, snails, etc).

• Saves water and fertilizer – will hold water up to 300%.

• Thermal insulation – reduces about 8-10 [C] in summer.

• Can be applied mechanically or manually. Suitable for long term use.

Less Manpower Required

• Saves manpower required for weeding, preventing the use of herbicides. It has a better root system for optimal use of the plant bed surface.

• Generates sanitation in the nursery and prevention of disease.

• Provides the opportunity to insert a drip irrigation system, bamboo or label without harming the product.

Product Sales in Western Europe

Frizweed have already established product sales in Western Europe including Belgium and France.