Bare Root Nursery Specialist

Bare Root Nursery Specialist

Bare Root Specialist

Allaert Nurseries is a Belgian bare root nursery specialized in the cultivation of forest and hedging plants, conifers and flowering shrubs.

The plants are produced from seeds or cuttings and are between 1 and 4 years old, when delivered.

Fourth Generation

Allaert Nurseries is a strong family company led by the fourth generation.  Through a combination of tradition and knowledge and precision, they guarantee a high quality and service to their clients, the landscapers, the tree nurseries and the garden centres.

70% of their production is exported into Europe with the remaining % for their own Belgian market.

2018 Catalogue

Please contact  to receive their very interesting 2018 catalogue. In this you can replace the full assortment, including ages, sizes and many pictures from within the nursery. This also provides examples of the various machinery that is employed within their production techniques.

Nurserymen are most welcome to visit the nursery which is 100km from Calais or 100km from Brussels airport.