Adding value to the Landscape Sector

Adding value to the Landscape Sector

Adding Value to the Landscape Sector

Osmocote PrePlant is a new pre-planting fertilizer from ICL designed to help growers add value to their offering by boosting incremental sales to the landscape sector.

“The latest addition to our tried and tested, marketing leading Osmocote controlled release fertilizer range, it gives plants in landscaping schemes the best possible start,” explains ICL Technical Manager Andrew Wilson.  “The fully coated granules provide full season nutrition for plants in a single application, with minimal leaching.

When Plants leave the Nursery

“Much time and effort goes into growing good quality plants, but what about when the plants leave the nursery? End user satisfaction comes from having healthy plants that continue to perform well in containers or gardens. Few garden owners regularly feed their new, or existing, plants. All too often plants soon get hungry, leading to poor, slow growth and stress - which can heighten the risk of pest and disease attacks."

“By adding Osmocote PrePlant at planting, landscapers can help ensure plants will continue to flourish. Happy clients help generate repeat business for the landscaper and the nursery.”

Trace Element Package

Designed for use when planting trees, hedging plants, hardy nursery stock (HNS) and herbaceous perennials, Osmocote PrePlant provides an ideal NPK and trace element package (16-11-10+2MgO+TE) promoting good establishment and ongoing healthy plant growth. It is suitable for a wide range of trees and plants including Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Buxus - without fear of root scorching.

Osmocote PrePlant is available for nurseries to purchase and retail as 10 X 1Kg packs – an ideal add on product for landscapers when buying plants, growing media and pots.