Xyella fastidiosa (Xf) threatens catastrophy for U.K.

Xyella fastidiosa (Xf) threatens catastrophy for U.K.

Xyella fastidiosa (Xf) threatens catastrophy for U.K.

Potentially catastrophic consequences lie ahead for the UK’s horticultural industry if the likely outbreak of the bacterial plant disease Xyella fastidiosa (Xf) comes to pass. This stark development was outlined to both growers and retailers at last week’s HTA Futures Conference.

Xylella Panel Session

Many of those who attended the meeting also took part in the Xylella panel session last week where Xylella was described as ‘the single biggest threat to the garden industry in 32 years’.

Xylella fastidiosa is one of the most harmful bacterial plant diseases in the world. It can cause severe losses in a wide range of hosts and there would be a massive impact on the plant trade across all business sectors in the event of an outbreak in the U.K.

New Xylella elearning Module

In light of this, the HTA has launched an e-learning module on Xylella fastidiosa providing plantarea and garden retail staff with the latest information about this plant disease that presents such a huge threat to the industry.

"We Need to Act Now"

Panellist Boyd Douglas-Davies, CEO of Hillview Garden Centres comments “We need to act now as individual companies and take responsibility for our own actions. Resources such as this video will help to spread the word about Xylella and I encourage all to share with their staff.”

The module, which is available to all free of charge, is one of the actions to come from the emergency Xylella meeting at which garden retailers requested a resource which could be easily shared amongst staff in order to raise awareness about the plant disease.

Access the Module

The 8-minute-long module can be accessed here: www.hta.org.uk/xylella

Whilst aimed at plantarea and garden retail staff, the information will also be relevant for plant buyers and business owners, as well as the wider industry. The elearning module includes information about Host species, a Five-point plan and Plant Passporting.