Poinsettias are ready to go the distance!

Poinsettias are ready to go the distance!

Poinsettias are ready to go the distance!

Poinsettia breeders in Germany and Holland are improving plant quality and durability for the Christmas 2017 season.

This is being done by aiming to strengthen these seasonal hybrid heroes to better withstand transportation, which is one of the main causes of the poinsettia plant’s failure to thrive.

Strong is Beautiful

Poinsettia plants can be vulnerable during transportation so a select group of breeders are looking at ways to improve their durability by testing the plants in simulated transport conditions, such as reducing light levels and creating fluctuations of temperature.

'Christmas Feelings'

Guido von Tubeuf, Poinsettia breeder at Selecta One in Stuttgart says: 'Our Poinsettia varieties, particularly those of the ‘Christmas Feelings‘ family are repeatedly awarded for excellent quality and shelf life with the LTO Quality Award in the Netherlands.'

'Christmas Feelings' Variety

Thousands of Hybrid Seedlings

In order to lengthen shelf-life, breeders have produced many thousands of hybrid seedlings, bred to withstand the temperature fluctuations that poinsettias are subjected to once they are brought into the home, ensuring that the plant remains attractive and healthy through to the end of the Christmas holidays.

Excellent Modern Varieties

Colin Edwards, Managing Director of Woodlark Nurseries, Surrey, says: ' The modern varieties that are bred in Northern European countries today are excellent and really do give the consumer a fantastic festive plant for the Christmas holidays. This ongoing breeding programme ensures the continuing strength of this beautiful plant.'