Show Gardens, Art & Plants!

Show Gardens, Art & Plants!

Show Gardens, Art & Plants!

Orticolario 2017, “The most beautiful garden show in Italy” was held last weekend and did not disappoint. Its show gardens, art, accessories and plants were all conveniently sited in the grounds of the Villa Erbe in Cernobbio, near Como.

“La Luna” Theme

The theme of the year was “la luna” (the moon) and the engagingly varied show gardens managed to integrate another worldly element, much to the delight of the judges and the public.  A giant armillary sphere made an appearance on the “Metamorfosi” garden, designed by Il papavero blu, and a large resin moon hung among the grove of bamboo in the Materia Mista team’s offering.

“Moonlight Garden”

The white-dominated plantings in both the “Moonlight Garden” designed by Leonardo Magatti, and the “Ciclita Lunare” garden by the young Roberto Landello were great examples of night gardens that were just as lovely by day. In terms of construction, the superb attention to detail was recognised for the winning gardens.

Late Season Perennials

Among the plant stands, covering the lawn by the lake, the seasonal highlights were undoubtedly the late season perennials, grasses, heucheras and asters looking particularly lovely. The plant of the year, the fuchsia made a few appearances in large containers, on the main route to the show gardens.

25,000 Visitors

The event attracted 25,000 visitors, from all over Europe who are already looking forward to 2018. Orticolario will again be held during the last weekend in September with applications for the show gardens opening in February next year.