Autumn Offer Starts Monday!

Autumn Offer Starts Monday!

Autumn Offer Starts Monday!

Golden Grove Nursery will introduce their Autumn Offer next Monday (August 14).

This includes a free A2 Correx board and 2m bench tape with orders over £500. You can use our Autumn Correx board to remind your customers that conifers are the perfect partner for the winter garden. They provide colour that will brighten every corner of the 'outdoor room'.

Different Trolley Mix

Their National Conifer Week Offer has a different trolley mix this year. These include a range from 1-7 litre plants:

1 litre plants

4x Filifera Aurea, 4x Blue Star, 4x Holger, 4x Taxus baccata, 4x Repens Aurea, 4x Anniek, 4x Golden Smaragd, 4x Golden Tuffet, 4x Hetz Midget, 4x Smaragd

2 litre plants : 3x Laurin

3 litre plants : 3x Minima Aurea, 3x Filifera Nana, 3x Sekkan-Sugi, 3x J. procumbens Nana, 3x Blue Chip, 3x Blue Star, 3x Lilliput, 3x Red Embers, 3x Golden Smaragd, 3x Mirjam, 3x Rheingold, 3x White Smaragd, 3x Little Boy, 3x Whipcord, 3x Thujopsis d. Nana

5 litre plants : 1x Low Glow

7 litre plants : 2x Karamachiba, 2x Blue Star, 2x Fire Chief, 1x Rubicon, 1x Konfetti, 1x Goldy, 1x Iseli Fastigiate, 1x Koster

Available from September 18th

The cost of a trolley is £325.20 + VAT. A special promotional trolley mix is available just ahead of National Conifer Week from Monday September 18th to Sunday October 8th. Free POS will be available as in 2016.

See Golden Grove Nursery at Four Oaks on stand D91.