Beautiful Collection of Novelties

Beautiful Collection of Novelties

Beautiful Collection of Novelties

Van Vliet New Plants will introduce a beautiful collection of novelties on their stand during the Plantarium 2017 trade fair.

Disporum Cantonese 'Moonlight' (below) and Diervilla Splendens 'Diva' are in the spotlight and are competing for the Plantarium Press prize. Van Vliet New Plants has submitted nine novelties this year for the Best Novelty Plantarium 2017 examination.

'Acer palmatum Brown Sugar'

For the examinations Acer palmatum Brown Sugar, Fargesia murieliae 'Lolliloops' , Hebe Matty Brown, Ilex crenata 'Samurai', Ilex crenata 'Shogun', Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Cratus' and Potentilla fruticosa 'Bella Bianca' have been submitted.

These novelties and other interesting plants will be shown on stand 214, proving once again that Van Vliet New Plants constantly renew their product range to surprise visitors. You are welcome to view and discuss them with Peter Kroes or Sander van Vliet.

Diervilla Splendens 'Diva'

35th Edition

The 35th edition of Plantarium will take place from 23 to 26 August 2017 in the Plantarium building on the International Trade Centre Boskoop-Hazerswoude. More information is available on or