Commercial Focus for UK Market!

Commercial Focus for UK Market!

Commercial Focus for UK market!

Innocenti & Mangoni Piante offer a comprehensive marketing package for the UK market. These include weekly deliveries to the UK, including a vast range of plant lines specifically grown for both the Garden Retail and Landscape trade. 

Their plant material is home grown using in-house propagation. This method of production was further enhanced following the acquisition of a large young plant business in 2016. They employ strict phytosanitary controls and their products are monitored on a regular basis and certified disease free.

Open Ground Growing

An important sector of their production is represented by this technique, which takes advantage of the fertility of the soil profile of Pistoia. Today more than 50% of their plant production is cultivated in the ground. There is also large activity in the field of research for new novelties. Many new plant varieties and plant shapes are added each year.

A quick reply to enquiries is ensured within 24 hours.