'Going Wild About Flowers!'

'Going Wild About Flowers!'

'Going Wild about Flowers!'

Plantlife, Europe's largest charity dedicated to wild flowers and other flora, launched the interactive Great British Wild Flower Hunt earlier this month. This is in response to exclusive new research that reveals people across Great Britain are crying out to know more about wild flowers.

Polling commissioned by Plantlife and conducted across Great Britain reveals a voracious appetite from respondents for a better understanding of our wild plants and for more connectedness to nature.

Large-scale Interactive Guide

The Hunt, which continues throughout the summer, is the UK’s first large-scale interactive guide to wild flowers. This offers everyone the opportunity to both have fun and boost their botanical knowledge like never before.

The polling results revealed people's desire to know more about plants; nearly 70% of respondents agreed they would like to be able to identify more wildflowers. Only 11% of 16-24 year-olds felt confident they could correctly name many wild flowers, while 56% expressed a desire to be able to identify more wild flowers.

Join The Great British Wild Flower Hunt at http://www.plantlife.org.uk/wildflowerhunt