Green-tech aids Biodiversity

Tottle Brook is a small watercourse which flows in a south west to north east direction in Highfields Park, Nottingham. A recent landscape project  involved enhancing the biodiversity value of the Brook by creating a new wetland habitat and improve the form (shape) of the watercourse.

Nottingham City Council commissioned Dobson UK, a leading provider of landscaping, grounds maintenance and amenity weed control services to undertake the work.

Enhanced Environment

Funded by a £50,000 grant from the European Regional Development Fund and Nottingham City Council, the aims were to make environmental improvements to Tottle Brook. The aim was to improve improve biodiversity and create new habitats to attract new wildlife to the area.

Coir Log Rolls

Dobson UK turned to Green-tech for advice and supply of 120 metres of gt Coir pre-established Log Rolls to act as an additional flow director to the Brushwood Faggots and Gravel Beaches they also installed.

These gt log rolls help reduce and control erosion along water course edges, such as rivers and lakes. A cost-effective solution, the gt coir logs provide a barrier to be built up against in the water environments and allow for vegetation, grasses or stone to fill in the river or lake bank that is eroding away.

These were supplied pre-established with UK native species but can be supplied unplanted.

Biodegradable Entrapment Mats

In addition, Green-tech supplied a large number of Biodegradable Sediment Entrapment Mats known as RiverMat. These Mats are suitable for use in natural and artificial channels. They are secured to the bed of the water course and placed downstream of the disturbed area.