This Month (August) we focus on the 20 Year Anniversary of Green Team Interiors.

‘A Better Way’ Pays Dividends for Green Team Interiors

When Ruth Neal and Chris Davis set up Green Team Interiors, they did so with a clear vision of how the business should be operated. Of course there were the traditional challenges to face, like finding premises, developing products, finding suppliers and customers, building a team and working hard to make an impact in a competitive world.

Respect for Clients

Key to the development of Green Team Interiors was the single idea that business could, and should, be conducted both fairly and respectfully. Ruth and Chris called it ‘A Better Way’ and it remains the cornerstone of Green Team Interiors as the company celebrates its 20th Anniversary.

Mark Berriman, Managing Director of the Petersfield-based company explains more about ‘A Better Way’. ’There is an obvious danger in making any declaration like ‘we do business a better way’, a danger that the statement may come across as insincere, glib or even pompous. After all, they’re just words and talk can come cheap.”

Built-in DNA

"A Better Way is different though, it’s the reason Green Team Interiors exists, and it is part of our DNA. After all, why would Ruth and Chris set up a business, that they still own, and not want the abiding principle to be maintained?”

"A Better Way describes how we work and think, we want every single person who touches Green Team Interiors to feel respected and valued, suppliers, and clients and of course our wonderful team of people who are responsible for brightening up offices and workplaces across the South East of England.”

Long-Term Clientele

“I am immensely proud of the fact that we have clients who have been with us since the company started twenty years ago, and if that isn’t testament to our way of doing business, then I am not sure what is? ’’

So, how has A Better Way helped over the last 20 years, and in particular during the last few ‘challenging’ months?

Green Screens

Mark explains “Our clients trust us, our suppliers trust us and our team trusts us, we have communicated honestly and regularly, listened to responses and reacted appropriately. We have developed two hugely popular new ranges, the Home Office Collection and Green Screens, both designed to respond to the new way that people are working.”

A Better Way has helped us for twenty years and it continues to help us every day because the way that we do anything is the way that we do everything.”