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Plant Growers UK

UK Growers are renowned for their experience in their field. They are regarded worldwide for their knowledge, and they do very well in the industry. In fact there are various growers from the UK who have been invited for the IPM Essen. With various leaders from the UK horticultural industry, they shared their knowledge and showcased several new varieties from leading British suppliers. For instance, the professional grower substrates and the high quality coir products, generated a lot of interest. There has also been the designer and manufacturer of the high-specification glasshouses, Hotbox International., who offered an overview of the products as well as accessories for glasshouses. Ranges of specialty fertilizers also gained a lot of attention over the past few years. There is no denying that UK growers are not only experts and specialists in the field, but they also manage to come up with innovative solutions and ideas to make the horticultural business more interesting and rewarding.

Growers UK

Growers in the UK

For instance, the popular UK grower and rose breeder, David Austin recently launched a great new impulse purchase by the name of Living Gift, which will be very popular even during the winter months. There is also Fairweather’s Nursery which showcased their specialist variety of Agapanthus. Starting from very young plants, these can be grown further. The Dianthus ‘Memories’ were also introduced by Whetman Pinks, and these definitely got much attention over the last couple of years since they even won various awards. They are highly fragrant plants, which have a pure white colour and are deemed excellent for pot production. These are just a few UK growers and their most recent and popular products.

UK Growers among the world's best

There is no denying that these, and other growers from the UK will continue to offer great options for plant lovers worldwide. Planteria regularly showcase UK growers and their products, and they are certainly among the best in the industry. Browse our website to replace UK growers that you might recognise.

Growers UK