UK Grower Focus

This month (September), we focus on Kernock Park Plants, just ahead of Four Oaks!

After a 3-year gap due to the pandemic, Kernock Park Plants are looking forward to reconnecting with as many customers as possible during the 2022 Four Oaks Trade event (Sept 6/7), the largest show they exhibit at each year.

2023 Season

As usual, Kernock will be showing off some of their brand-new introductions for the 2023 season, as well as giving away their new Catalogue and Order Forms.

Highlights to be seen at this show must include Sanvitalia ‘Goldbini’ (above). An addition to our Proven Winner stable, this variety has impressively sized golden-orange flowers that sit in their hundreds above tight green foliage.

This variety was top of the class in their Europewide testing.

'Purple Parachute'

A brand new Limonium has been added called 'Purple Parachute'. This is a “premium annual” with tough silvery-green foliage that supports upright stems, topped with purple, blue and accented white flower clusters.

With its long flowering period and impressive strong habit, this variety shines early in the season with a fine burst of colour.

Dreamy™ Series

There are plenty of Perfect Perennials to be enjoyed with two new Dahlia to enhance their Dreamy™ series (above) have been chosen.

‘Hot Chocolate’ has rich, chocolate-coloured flowers similar to that of Chocolate Cosmos and ‘Dance’ is a real thriller with almost florescent pink and orange flowers, which contrast against the darkest foliage we have seen to date in this range.

Agastache 'Beelicious Purple' (above) is one for the nature lovers, attracting all kinds of pollinators with plentiful tufts of purple flowers.

Much to View at Four Oaks!

Speak to their team on stands A1, A2, A3 + A47, A48, A49.