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This month we reflect on the latest news from Kernock Park Plants. 

New Varieties for 2020

Kernock Park Plants are privileged to have such an extensive list of breeders and agents continuously offering new and improved genetics. Their teams continue to look for new ideas and also provide a new lease of life to old some favourites.

There are over 60 fantastic new introductions coming through Kernock's intensive trialling process for the 2020 season which is set to be yet another great year of introductions! 

Salvia Amethyst Lips

 'Tropicanna® Black'

As always, the Kernock range of  new varieties span several product categories and genera. 

They have introduced several Canna including the well-known 'Tropicanna® Black' as well as a brilliant range of shorter, pot friendly CannaSol varieties. These have great foliage colour and form, as well as propensity to flower.     

Canna Sol Happy Carman

Peachy Hues on Orange Flowers

Amongst other phenomenal introductions is Lysimachia ‘Sunburst’, a perennial beauty with glossy green leaves and golden yellow flowers. Hakonechloa 'Sunflare'  has outstanding golden foliage which develops wine coloured blushing tips and margins as it matures.

A Petunia known as ‘Mango Madness’ has peachy hues on orange coloured flowers. There are two Salvia to follow in the formidable footsteps of ‘Hot Lips’, these new offspring will be known as 'Amethyst Lips' and ‘Cherry Lips’.

Petunia Mango Madness

Proven Winner Stable

Magnificent ‘Red’, ‘Rose’, ‘Pink’ and ‘White’ make up a series within genus that would traditionally be isolated to houseplant status. These have also been proven to perform brilliantly in the garden, in both sun and shade.

Another superb series emerging from the Proven Winner stable is the range of Nemesia known as Fairy Kisses. The initial release last year of ‘Pink Lemonade’ is now followed by three more stunners including ‘Vanilla Berry’ and ‘Citrine’.

Finally, Lilium formosana 'var pricei', is a lovely June flowering alpine Lily and already a favourite on the nursery. 

Liliul formosana 'var pricei'

Four Oaks 2019

See Kernock Plants on stands A 1-3 / 47-49 at Four Oaks next month.

To see further information on all their fantastic new introductions for 2020, please visit our Website or Social Media Pages.